Yabasta 1.0 Pre-Alpha 1 Released

10/07/2012 Uncategorized

The first pre-alpha development version of Yabasta, a work in progress of a privacy-aware social network, was released today. The current aim of Yabasta is to be a secure, uncentralized, end-to-end encrypted, available, and easy-to-use messaging application.

The release is simply a prototype, and its main contributions are to help gather feedback on the usability of the user interface, as well as to aid in further web browser compatibility and visual design efforts.

The main artifact of this release, Yabasta Web, is a simple HTML5/jQuery user interface application. The other artifact released today, Yabasta Core: ECMAScript, is a dummy component that only simulates the future Yabasta “logic” component (which is scheduled to be implemented for version Alpha 1). Both of these components are available through the main Yabasta GitHub project.

The next release will consist of a draft of the protocol (the XMPP extensions) that will serve as the foundation for the future end-to-end cryptography of Yabasta. I’m also working on the JavaScript cryptographic implementation, making Yabasta Core: ECMAScript an actual XMPP client, as well as putting together a good-looking visual design for the application. The Alpha 1 version, scheduled for November, will deliver a working, yet basic, messaging application.

For more information about Yabasta and this release, please visit Yabasta.com.

Also, as I’m working on Yabasta on my free time, donations are more than welcome.

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